Leadership Development

Developing emerging leaders

This customized workshop covers the basics for effective transition from staff to leader. Topics include basics of conflict resolution; budget & cost control; behavioral based interviewing; delegation; customer service; metrics and regulatory standards.

Throughput Workshops

Getting patients into the ED, through the ED and then out of the ED (and into their inpatient beds) should be simple enough, yet hospitals struggle daily with effective patient flow and hospital throughput.  Learn proven strategies to improve patient flow.

Implementing Best Practices

As healthcare continues to change, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all that is relevant and new.  Learn current best practices and how to implement them in your facility.

Personal Wellness

As former chair of the ENA Wellness Committee, Deb understands the importance of caring for the caregivers.  Nurses need to allow themselves to heal themselves in order to heal others.

Customer Service

Increased focus on the patient experience and the associated HCAHPS reimbursement continues to challenge hospitals and their bottom line.  Understanding the patient perception as well as providing safe care is mandatory.

Redirecting Non-Emergencies out of the ED

With a reduction in reimbursement for non-emergent patients and the implications of accountable care organizations, this program takes a look at ways some hospitals have redirected non-emergent patients to alternate venues for care.

On site education

Triage Competency

Sorting of patients by acuity is necessary in the Emergency Department.  While most ED's utilize ESI 5 level triage, few do it well. Four phases to this 4 day course include basic assessment skills and critical thinking; prioritizing by resoures needed; implementation process; and advance education for" train the trainers" who will complete your on-going training and annual competencies.   

Advanced Leadership Development

By spending time on-site with emerging leaders, the consultant will help individual team members identify and understand their own communication and leadership styles.  By focusing on individual strengths, the emerging leader will gain confidence and competence.

Unit Based Council- PI team development

Does your team need a boost? Is the shared governance team struggling for ideas and lacking follow through? Let us provide your team with the tools to build and sustain a staff led team. An empowered (and engaged!) staff will lead your department to better patient care from the "ground up".

Current lecture topics

Perception and Service

Emergency Nurses have a reputation of being "tough".  Sometimes worn as a "badge of honor" - yet it is difficult for ER nurses to feel they are perceived as uncaring.  This lecture reviews how perception is made and how ER Nurses can improve that perception.

If change is so good, why does it feel so bad?

Change is a healthy part of life and change in healthcare is essential to growth.  It would seem that we would welcome change, yet every day, we are faced with "We've always done it that way" mentality.  Learn how to make change that is sustainable.

But Disney doesn’t run my hospital- The 9 1/2 things you need to do anyway!

Sometimes managers are trying to improve their own units, while struggling with less than perfect senior administration. Being "stuck in the middle" is unpleasant.  Rather than "us versus them" there is still much that a mid-line leader can do to improve their own department; with or without "help from above".

How to make patient arrival a WOW (Win-‘em-Over Welcome)

The Emergency Room is considered the "front door" to the hospital, yet in most facilities, it is a crowded, uncomfortable, and less than welcoming environment.  Use these strategies to create a warm and caring first impression for your patients.

Changing “Eating Our Young” to “Feeding Our Young”

It is no laughing matter that nurses "eat their young". This workshop discussed the incidence of lateral violence in nursing and  workplace bullying. Recognizing the symptoms and strategies to eliminate this from the workplace