Patient Perception

  I really enjoyed your presentation at the ENA Leadership Conference in Fort Lauderdale…….I enjoyed your presentation more than any other session at the conference. You speak the truth with humor that a true ED nurse can totally appreciate. -Sherry B., RN, MSN, CEN  

Throughput Improvement

  Great knowledge of ED operations and flow. Sees the problems, gets a plan, puts the plan in place and drives success. Bruce - ED Physician / Medical Director  

Team Building

 Deb touched us with her wisdom, her contagious and positive energy, excellent listening skills, and upon meeting her, one felt as if she had been a part of our ED family for years. Incredible lady! Marcy, ED Technician

ED Arrival Redesign

  I thought Deb was such a great person to work with! Brought in by administration so immediately everyone is guarded in their interactions with her, but she is so engaging and has such an amazing personality that within your first conversation with her, she removes any barriers that may be present. Engaging, dynamic, knowledgeable. Dan O, Medic

Implementing Best Practice

  Hi Deb, I enjoyed your presentation this afternoon. We have employed many of the concepts you included but you had some good suggestions I'd like to use. You have a great presentation style. Thanks very much.  -Joanne M., RN, Michigan   

Hospital Flow

  As the in-house process improvement specialist I found Deb to be a wonderful partner to work with. She is incredible at working with the frontline staff (all shifts), and including them in developing and testing countermeasures. The result was sustainment of arrival to triage times and door to doc times to name a few metrics! I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Deb anytime. Andy B., CPHQ, LSSGB